Our offer

Our firm offers comprehensive conduct of the following administrative cases:

- temporary residence permit;
- permanent residence permit;
- residence permit for the long-term resident of the European Communities (EC);
- work permit;
- Registration of Residence for EU citizens;
- extention of visa;
- exchange of the Residence Card;
- the Invitation for foreigner (entry into the Register of Invitations)

- appealing against a negative decision


The forms of providing our services:
- consultations concernig the issue of legalization of work and stay in Poland;
 - preparing the required applications and attachments;
- the receipt of the documents from our clients;
- submitting and collecting documents in the offices;
- the deliver of the documents to our clients;
- monitoring of the expiry dates of the documents and the time limits in the offices;


Our services include also obtaining other documents required during the procedure of the legalizationn of work and stay in Poland, such as, for example:

- address registration;
- health insurance;
- apostille and comfirmation of the documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
- certificate on lack of tax arrears from the Tax Office;
- certificate on lack of arrears to the Social Insurance Institution;
- information from the National Criminal Register that a person / legal entity has not been recorded in the register

We deliver our services in Polish, English and Chinese